10 Must Try Sake Cocktails! Let’s look at the must know one of a kind sake cocktails.

Top 10 Alcoholic Cocktails

In Japan, there has been an increasing popularity in mixed alcoholic beverages of cocktails, along with a wide variety of flavors and types. Cocktails started out as a type of the drink that provided a twist or a different way of drinking, but it has now become the go-to-drink that creates a unique and the most unexpected flavors that can adopt the atmosphere you are going for. Alcohol can also be one way of communicating with others, and it’s a well used tool to hype up a gathering. Let’s look at the must-know one-of-a-kind sake cocktails.

Sake bomb

This is good for all kinds of drinkers, and with its easy-to-drink taste, even if you aren’t a regular drinker you will surely enjoy it.

It is a mix of sake and beer, with chopsticks  put flat on top of a beer glass while the sake cup is put on top of the chopsticks. The final step in prepping for this drink is by hitting the table and letting the sake cup fall in the beer glass. The strong alcohol content and the flavor unique to sake is eased out by the beer, which gives a mild beer taste. It can be enjoyed at get togethers, and it is a popular drink among foreigners for its lively way of drinking.

1 glass of beer, 1 sake cup of sake, and chopsticks.

Sapphire Sake

Soothing with a sharp after taste.

Pour half a glass of soda water, and put Bombay Sapphire and sake into the rest, then, simply chug it all down. It isn’t exactly the same way as drinking a “Shotgun”, but without the need to beat the glass, you will be able to enjoy the after taste. The alcohol level in this drink can get pretty strong, so don’t go taking shot after shot, but try to sit down and enjoy the after taste.

Fruits Sake

Enjoy a fruit flavored sake

As the name would hint, this can be simply prepared by mixing fruit juice with sake. Mix a fruit flavored liqueur with sake, and you have a simply drink where you can enjoy a fruity taste while also enjoying the unique taste of sake. Sake cocktails that gives a hint of the taste of sake and fruit liqueur has been gaining more popularity nowadays.

Champagne Sake

Hip drinker of sake in a champagne glass

To make sake easier to drink, you can put carbonated juices with it such as cider and ginger ale. Even those who have a hard time drinking sake won’t have a hard time enjoying this drink, and with its softer taste, you can enjoy it in a similar way you enjoy a glass of cocktail. While it bubbles up by adding in the carbonated drink, you can present it to your friends in champagne glasses for a cool presentation.

A 8:2 ratio of carbonated juice and sake would be just the right amount to enjoy this drink.

Sake on the Rocks

Drink Sake on the rocks

This is as straight-forward as it gets, and it is enjoying sake in a glass with ice. Nice and simple, and it is surprisingly easy to drink. Alcoholic drinks with a higher alcohol content tend to be easier to drink when enjoyed cold. Sake drunk neat can have a distinctly strong taste, but by diluting with ice, it is easier to drink for everyone. It isn’t often served in Japan, but it is definitely one to try. There are various ways it is arrange too, and you can also mix a small amount of liqueur to your on the rocks, allowing you to enjoy the aroma of liqueur with sake.

Samurai Energy

Powerful and energizing sake

All you need is your favorite can of energy drink and sake. Energy drinks are often consumed as vitamin supplements, but don’t forget that Japanese sake is also good for your body. Not only is it easy to drink, but by enjoying a healthy dose, it will have great effects to your body. The flavor of the energy drink will make it easy to drink. 6:4 energy drink and sake ratio will give you a casual drink enjoyable for everyone.

Fruit Sake

Sake that goes well with fruits

Different from fruit liqueur, sliced fresh fruits are put in a glass of sake. Prepare a bottle with sake in, and soak the fruits in the bottle with sake to better enjoy the flavor of the fruits. Think of sake as an alternative to wine in a Japanese version of a sangria. By soaking the fruits in the bottle, the fruits add sweetness to the sake, and at the same time, you can also enjoy the vitamins from the fruits. When your fruit sake is ready, have some fruits on the side to enjoy 2 flavors at once.

Tea Sake

A soothing taste with the flavor of sake

Tea is typically prepared by brewing tea leaves, but it becomes a very enjoyable cocktail when mixed with sake. By mixing the lemon tea or green tea, the added scent creates a unique flavor to this drink.  The soft flavor of the tea does not overpower the taste of the sake making it the perfect match. This can be made with a 8:2, sake and tea ratio.

Salty Japan

The cool grown up drink

First, make a nice glass of salty dog. Mix sake and grapefruit juice, and enjoy it by adding some salt on the brim.This may feel closer to a western drink, and the sake is said to go very well with salt. It is a more astringent mature flavored cocktail. A 5:5 ratio is a mix fort this unique drink. 

Milky Sake

Sweet sake cocktail

Mix sake and milk based liqueur. As sake is often used for cooking, it is similar to milk based ingredients, and it is often used fining the flavor, or creating a smooth and mellow flavor. Chocolates are also often enjoyed with sake, so by mixing the two, it will become more smooth and mellow perfect for a glass of cocktail. It can used for coffee liqueur and chocolate liqueur, too.

You can mix the sake, milk, and liqueur with a 4:3:3 mix.

Sake Cocktails to Try!

This blog about Japanese culture, food and beverage, also healthy life. This is my blog and my journey to find the way to enjoy my life. I will simply give you my perspective, for valuable information and what it’s worth.
I really appreciate for visiting my blog. Talk to you soon.


This blog about Japanese culture, food and beverage, also healthy life. This is my blog and my journey to find the way to enjoy my life. I will simply give you my perspective, for valuable information and what it's worth. I really appreciate for visiting my blog. Talk to you soon.